Dovenco Informatique is very happy to let you know about the launch of the data recovery service.

Reach us via (802)848-4503 if you ever require data recovery services.

We are sure that your data will be recovered successfully, we can aid the process of extracting your data safely no matter how intense it is with the aid of our well-trained professionals.

Data recovery can be very complex as a process, therefore, a clean room lab is always required.

Your data recovery experts

We are aware that data loss can be a very difficult experience, which is why our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to retrieve those important files back:

  • Policy of “No data, no charge”– check out a list of recoverable files before you make payment
  • We are security audited to SOC 2 Type II
  • Free evaluation plus inbound shipping
  • World class group of computer scientists, electrical and mechanical engineers

We are the tested and trusted data recovery partners for companies like Dell and Western Digital due to our industry-leading success rates, cutting edge engineering techniques as well as prices lower than our competition by 40-50%.

Our data recovery process

Dovenco Informatique provides you with no-cost evaluations, free inbound shipping, a full list of recoverable files for your review and firm price quotes before any payment is needed.

  1. Submit a case and commit to the terms and services.

With the help of our secure service form, we can easily get the information we require so as to offer you with the best service possible.

  1. Ship your device down to our lab situated in Madison, WI

We will offer you a free UPS shipping label so that you can send your drive to us for the purpose of a no-cost evaluation.

  1. We will place a call through to you when we get your device

Once your drive gets to our lab, we’ll give you a courtesy call so as to let you know it is safe and sound.

  1. We start the process of free evaluation

Our engineers will check out your drive thoroughly and assess the case. Thereafter, they will furnish you with a firm price quote for your approval.

  1. Browse and approve the recoverable files list

You will get a browsable list of all the files that we will be able to retrieve. If you are okay with it, they will start the data recovery process.

  1. Make an online payment and we’ll send your data

Make your payment easily online. Once we’ve gotten your payment, you’ll get your data back on a new external hard drive.

Why opt for Dovenco Informatique Data Recovery?

Data recovery services at Dovenco Informatique data recovery services are completely secure, affordably priced and technologically innovative.