iPhone 6 Backlight Repairs

Of recent, we received a wet iPhone 6 at our Dovenco Informatique shop. The customer made use of the rice repair method, which is a method that has been disproven at various times.

After half a day, the phone looked like it had turned on as a result of the vibration in addition to the texts and calls the phone received. Irrespective of what the internet says, the aforementioned rice method doesn’t work and if it eventually works then it’s mainly by coincidence. Here is the reason: the entirety of the surface mount devices (SMD) is in contact with liquid as well as short out from the impurities in the water whenever the phone gets wet. Corrosion arises from the contact made with water leading to the SMD components to fail and/or burn.

The mentioned iPhone 6 showed signs of life without any display. After getting a new screen to replace the old one, there was still no signs of an image. A faint image became visible when a proper screen inspection was carried out in front of a flashlight leading to the confirmation that the phone was alive and in fact, worked, however, it had a blown backlight. This type of repair will need micro soldering. After a thorough check on the filters located on the motherboard, it was discovered that the filters had continuity and functioned as well within specifications. There was still a backlight display ball grid array circuit (BGA IC) in addition to a coil and a diode at this point in the backlight circuit. After making thorough checks on the coil, which was also discovered to be within specifications, we then moved onto the diode. The picture of the diode under the CPU heatsink can be seen below.

Lastly, we had the smoking gun. We pinpointed the genesis of the problem, which was the backlight diode which was severely affected by corrosion leading to a breakage as far as one of the pins from the current that had passed through the circuit while the liquid was in the device is concerned.

After taking some time to replace the burned diode we were willing to try and power on the device just to check if the backlight circuit would work as it should.

Success! After getting the burned diode replaced the backlight circuit began to work as it should again. With the aid of the repair, which only took two business days, we were able to get back all the data on the customer’s device, and the customer was in turn elated to see the device get back to the way it normally functions.

Be sure to reach us as soon as possible if you have made your phone wet and you require micro soldering services or liquid damage repairs.

We also receive mails as regards repairs in the event that you’re not able to make it to our local repair shop.